20000m³/h 1.5Kw Evaporative Air Cooler for 150-200㎡ Area XK-20S-DOWN


20000m³/h 1.5Kw Evaporative Air Cooler for 150-200㎡ Area XK-20S-DOWN

Product Overview:

1. Applicable to cool a 60~80m2 plant in humid area and a 100~200m2 plant in dry area.
2. LCD display, One speed (380V) or 12 wind speeds (220V).
3. Voltage/current open phase protection, over-current protection, over voltage protection, water shortage protection and full-automatic drainage function.
4. 100% copper-wire motor with heavy cast iron cabinet, starting and running smoothly.
5. Completely new material PP plastic cabinet, anti aging, anti UV, never rust, long life duration.
6. With high quality 5090# cooling pad (100mm), good effect of evaporating and reducing temperature, easy to clean, edge binding protected and durable.
7. Open-type hard water pipe along with water distribution system ensures spraying water evenly and smoothly.
8. Direct-coupled centrifuge, run more steady, completely stop strap skid, rupture,noise.

Product Description

ModelAirflowVoltage/HzPowerWind PressureN.W.Applicable AreaAir Delivery(pipeline)

Air Outlet

XK-20S-UP20000  m3/h380/50Hz1.5Kw250Pa110Kgs150-200m230-35m422*452mm
XK-20S-DOWN20000  m3/h
XK-20S-SIDE20000  m3/h

1. Water distribution system.  5. Control System.  
2. 100mm thickness 5090# cooling pads.6. Water pump and drain pump. 
3. Centrifugal Fan.7. Body case.
4. Cast iron motor body.  

20s water distribution.jpg1. Water distribution system. PVC water pipe. Open water diversion plate, not easy to jam. Anti-corrosion. Water supply evenly. Long working life.
18s-side-cooling-pad.jpg2. 100mm thickness 5090# cooling pads. Raw material from Jia Mu Si, deodorant treatment, more than 80% evaporate rate. Perfect edge protection, 3 years warranty.
20s-centrifugal-fan.jpg3. Centrifugal fan. Direct-coupled centrifugal fan, Zinc coating centrifugal fan and volute. Anti-rust, anti-Corrosion, stable operation and low noise.
20s-motor.jpg4. Cast iron motor body. 8P motor with cast iron motor body. Motor Bearing Import from Japan, 100% copper-wire motor winding. Water-proof Rate IP 54, INS Class B. Long working life time, 2 years warranty.
30s-control-system.jpg5. Control system. Flame-retardant PCB control box. Damp proof, fast heat dissipation. LCD  display with remote controller. All kinds of protection function. (380V: Printed circuit board, one wind speed.)
20s pump.jpg6. Water pump and drain pump. Ceramic shaft submersible pump. Barrier-free mechanical drain pump, corrosion resistance and efficient performance, 30000 hours continuously working life. 
20s-body-case.jpg7. Body case. 100% New PP material, not recyclable, anti-UV, anti-corrosion, anti-aging, better heat-resistant performance: <60℃, 8 years warranty, more than 12 years lifetime.

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