3500m³/h 100w Solar Air Cooler for 10-15㎡ Area


3500m³/h 100w Solar Air Cooler for 10-15㎡ Area

Product Overview:

1. Solar water air cooler. High pressure mute blades, low noise.
2. Special opening type water segregator, dividing water evenly.
3. PP homo-polymer engineering material, attractive and durable.
4. High efficient cooling pads, good cooling effect.

Product Description

25c-fan-blades.jpg1. Four Fan Blades. Nylon and glass fiber material. Passing dynamic balance test before using.
25c-body-case.jpg2. Body case. 100% New PP material, not recyclable, anti-UV, anti-corrosion, anti-aging, better heat-resistant performance: <60℃, 8 years warranty, more than 12 years lifetime.
25c-pump.jpg3. Water pump and drain pump. Ceramic shaft submersible pump. Barrier-free mechanical drain pump (220V) and  manual drain valve(dc series), corrosion resistance and efficient performance, 30000 hours continuously working life. 
25c-control-system.jpg4. Control system. Special printed circuit board. Damp-proof, fast heat dissipation. LCD display with remote controller.
25c-support.jpg5. Motor support. Double Spraying iron material, anti-rust, anti-corrosion.
25c-water-distribution.jpg6. Water distribution system. PVC water pipe. Open water diversion plate, not easy to jam. Anti-corrosion. Water supply evenly. Long working life.
25c-cooling-pad.jpg7. Cooling Pads. 5090# cooling pads. Raw material from Jia Mu Si, deodorant treatment, more than 80% evaporate rate. Perfect edge protection, 3 years warranty. 

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