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How to maintain

Energy saving use season of evaporative air cooler is coming, do you know? 

Energy saving air cooler also need regular maintenance, it will not only be able to make the best out of energy-saving evaporative air cooler energy efficiency, but also to make energy saving to extend the lifetime. 

So how is the correct and proper maintenance of energy saving air it? Here are a few specific ways.

Firstly if it is in large air pollution area, we should clean once or twice to ensure that sends cold air fresh and clean. It is best to use air cooler "Auto" wash function mode every day. 

Secondly, after the long-running air cooler to deal with the end of pots each member for cleaning, note the curtain cleaning water pressure is not too high, or easily broken curtain. 

Thirldly, a long time disabled energy saving air cooler should pay attention to their mice and other pests damage, ensure that the water valve is closed, the tank bottom basin of water has been drained and air filter on the cover are locked. 

Finally, energy saving air conditioner holder after two years should be done once rust corrosion process (painting), after the main frame should be regularly checked firmness year, after two years should be noted that the memory cell replacement.

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