Air cooler with good ventilation cooling effect

With the temperature is growing higher, many factories begins to search workshop ventilation cooling system. What kinds of ventilation cooling equipment should be choosen has been a puzzle. Actually air cooler is a best choice, air cooler with good ventilation cooling effect, solve high temperature problem completely, at the mean time it solves the problem of enployee with low productivity in Summer. 

So suggest you to choose the combination of Xingke air cooler and cooling pad for plant ventilation cooling equipment. Cooling pad cooling system, cooling pad (wet curtain) is a kind of special paper honeycomb structure material, is a kind of environment protection product which adopt the world's leading humidification technology and high-tech materials. Cooling pad paper is a environment protection product which depend on nature evaporation, endothermic and cooling of water, also is a best product for cooling and dusting. When using lubricating oil of air cooler bearing normally, should replace it one time half a year, when use it at the first time, need to be replaced about ten days after it runs, second replace time is after 1 to 2 month, then should check the lubricating oil once a week, when replace it, should use prescript trademark lubricating oil.

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