More and more people like environment protection air coolers

Nowaday, more and more people attach importance on ecological problems, with time is over, more and more people like environment protection air coolers. 

Working principle of environment protection air coolers is very easy, but its effective is obvious. Environment protection air cooler fan force the high and dry temperature air get through cooling pad, high exchange with the water which at cooling pad cooling equipment surface, make ourdoor high and dry temperature air become cooling wet air, then enter working area. It uses the principle of fan and negative pressure ventilation of cooling pad, discharge indoor exhaust gas, complete solve high temperature environment problem, make indoor hot environment high temperature cooling speedy in 10 mins, also keep the temperature in 26 to 30℃. 

When people say air conditioning, the first thing in your mind is freon refrigerant, the machine that reduce indoor temperature— traditional air conditioner. Over comfort of traditional air conditioner is not advisable, the main point is that running environment of traditional air conditioner should be seal, so the air will not circulate, indoor general oxygen volume will not reach, it will make people feel tired or drowsy. And environment protection air cooler can make a space with nature air, there is enough oxygen volume, make people energetically. 

environment protection air cooler

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