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As hot summer is coming, more and more factories need a kind of ventilation cooling system for workshop cooling, Xingke air cooler is the best choice to you, Xingke air cooler is not only the perter match with workshop high temperature environment on performance, but also is a kind of cost-effective product. 

The core of cooling pad air cooling equipment is that make water on evaporating, when the system is working, water will make the cooling pad wet evenly, to guarantee the surface of touching with air will complete wet. According to the application on classification, there are push-in type part cooling fan (push-in type cooling fan) and drawn-out part cooling fan (drawn-out cooling fan). Because air cooler make air flowing which take human calorie away, at the mean time accelerated sweat evaporation and absorb human calorie, so that people will feel coolin like nature air. So air cooler is specially suitable to use at the site which need cooling and humidity. Such as cotton mill, woolen mill, hemp mill, weaving factory, chemical fiber factory, knitting factory, silk factory, socks factory and so on. At the mean time, it is specially suitable to personnel intensive and mechanical-intensive factories, workshops.

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