If there is no air cooler

If there is no air cooler, many workers say, it is hard to work in high hot temperature Summer, many workers will choose resignation. But if there is ventilation system in factory, workers will recognize the factory and improve working efficiency. Choosing Xingke ventilation system, will provide you the highest cost effective working cooling system. 

Air cooler flow also called air volume, calculate in air cooler air volume get through at unit time. The main cabinet of Xingke air cooler adopt FRP materials, can reduce metal resonance, and anti-acid, anti- corrosion, not only good quality, but also increase life span. According to your requirements, Xingke air cooler can design in overall cooling and post cooling. When replace of bearing, put the bearing in the oil which is 70 to 80℃, heating before loading on axis, can not force on assembling, in order to avoid injuring the shaft. According to the usage, air cooler can be divided in: Axial air cooler, Mixed flow air cooler, roof air cooler, air conditioning cooler and so on.

air cooler

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