Additional evaporative air cooler centrifugal shell need grounding

As the weather gets hot, evaporative air cooler also gradually become the mainstream of the workshop ventilation cooling equipment.

In the use of air cooler must pay attention to the power supply is negative must link to the right, at the same time to check the impeller rotation direction and the direction of the arrows point to the same or not. Additional evaporative air cooler centrifugal shell need grounding, evaporative airbut want to check whether to have body contact, if any, need to adjust; At present, the evaporative air cooler has a very wide range of USES, it is widely used in each big factory, livestock farm, Internet cafes and other places, the advantages of air cooler is obvious. Star families and evaporative air cooler operation simple, less cost, energy conservation, environmental protection, safety and health maintenance simple and convenient, effective ventilation cooling for the business enterprise at the same time can also save a lot of working capital for the enterprise, increase market competitiveness. Guangzhou xingke mechanical equipment co.,ltd ., environment friendly evaporative air cooler , exhaust fan, wet curtain, air cooler, water air cooler has helped many factory workshop for effective ventilation cooling, cooling effect and energy saving effect.

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