Air quality of Xingke air cooler is good

Long long ago, when we are in public place, we only can endure high temperature hot weather, but now with developing of economic, now we can feel cold air at public place even in hot summer, during this period, energy saving air cooler has do many contribution in it, its energy saving specification make us enjoy the most cooling summer with low consumption. 

Air quality of Xingke air cooler is good: it combines ventilation, air change, purification, dusting, increase oxygen content in air, improve air quality. The cooling process of Xingke air cooler cooling pad cooling system is finished in cooling pad paper, so we can say cooling pad is the core part of energy saving air cooler. When outdoor dry and hot air pumped out though cooling pad paper by fan, water in water film will absorb the heat in the air then evaporation, take a lots of potential heat away, so that make the air temperature reducing which get though cooling pad paper, after this treatment, cooling air will come into indoor. Energy saving air cooler is more suitable to use for labor-intensive enterprises: such as cloth factories, any kinds of assembly plant, internet cafes and so on, can complete solve the high temperature and air pollution problems in these sites. Xingke air cooler can full import fresh air, change all the air in the whole plant fastest in 30 seconds, can control different wind speed for directional post air sending according to your requirements. 

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