Choosing Xingke air cooler

With the arrival of summer, whether you are still worry about how to fight with this high temperature weather? Choosing Xingke air cooler, blowing your troubles away in summer.

The shutter design of Xingke air cooler which is use of air downstream principle, no need electric and people turn it on or turn it off, beautiful, also it can prevent rain intrusion, the design is more intimate and practical. Xingke air cooler which can send new air to indoor constantly, excluding dirty hot air, can maintain indoor clean, clear, comfortable more effectively. The main cabinet of Xingke air cooler adopt FRP materials, can reduce metal resonance, and anti-acid, anti- corrosion, increase life span, normallly it can be used 10 to 20 years constantly. The 1HP motor which Xingke air cooler adopt is complete aluminium outer casing, tight seal, good ventilation effectiveness, low power consumption, each hour only need 0.75w electric, power consumption of green energy saving products will save more compare with traditional ventilation system. 

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