Environmentally friendly evaporative air cooler

Environmentally friendly evaporative air cooler can be used in anywhere and earned her big name in the industry. Compared to traditional central air conditioning, water air coolers have lot of advantages. energy saving low cost evaporative air coolers not need professional to make maintenance.its operating principle is simple, repair and maintenance is also very simple, the general staff will be able to solve probelms by themselves . Therefore, compared to conventional air conditioning, environmental protection air cooler have a fast development. In addition,if you install central air conditioning, you also need to consider roof leak and weight etc., so central air-conditioning cost is very high.Once the damage, repair costs will be very large. So it is not wise to choose the factory floor as central air-conditioning ventilation and cooling equipment for workshop.   

XIKOO air cooler have advantage of cost saving and environmental protection.the cooling pad air cooler use water as medium,so it is not polluted. If you are looking for high quality and reasonable price ventilation and cooling evaporative air cooler for industrial plant ,please find XIKOO industrial air cooler .

evaporative air cooler

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