Energy-saving evaporative water air-conditioning

Energy-saving evaporative water air-conditioningWith economic development, the modern enterprise factories increasingly pay more attention to employee benefits, and concerned about employee’s work efficiency and  their health.  there are a growing number of factories and enterprises began to consider to buy energy-saving evaporative water air-conditioning for their employees to have a comfortable working environment to spend the summer.

Recently a factory copied competitor’s factory ventilation cooling system ,but little ventilation and cooling effect . in fact, the reason is very simple, even two workshop production processes is same, staff numbers are exactly the same, you can not use the same ventilation and cooling program, because different plant layout style.ventilation area required is not completely the same. Indeed many companies currently use the roof without power turbine fan, because this is one of the easiest most convenient way of ventilation and cooling, ventilation and cooling but not tall plant will bring any help; and may even cause problems in other areas, such as natural light is blocked, the disappearance of architectural beauty, equipment maintenance and other problems. What kind of tall plants in the end better ventilation and cooling of the way some of it? There are a variety of air cooler models in Xingke air cooler for your choice.Every model has different power and applicable area.

We have a professional service personnel to deal with environmental protection air cooler design, production, installation, maintenance.According to actual situation of your field,tailored for you. Customize the perfect design approach to really achieve effective ventilation for every post,down cooling inside temperature and increase inside air circulation at the same time.Greatly improve environmental comfort and employee productivity efficiency.

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