Please find XIKOO industrial air cooler

With the advent of summer, there are more and more customers  to consult industrial plant ventilation equipment problems, the more welcomed product is evaporative air cooler.

A recent customer said non-power turbine fan which was used in the factory by other factory did not achieve the effect of ventilation and cooling. In fact, the reason is very simple, plant in Azeri breathing exhaust is carbon dioxide, the gas is heavier than air, that is, said the plant will remain in the bottom, if no power turbine fan of the carbon dioxide emissions of these gases the effect is very small, which is not up to the customer said ventilation cooling effect. In this case you can use energy-saving air-conditioning, energy saving air-conditioning applications is very wide, as well as industrial air-conditioning in the world! Cooler factory premises is also particularly suitable for ventilation and cooling equipment, air cooler mechanical kinetic energy can be discharged by the factory dust, gas and heat, the plant presents a negative pressure state, while the outdoor air will enter the cooling wet curtain from inside the plant, which can the air inside the plant constantly updated, ventilation and cooling effect. Star Scientific chiller operation simple curtain special piece of fiber paper manufactured by a honeycomb, durable, long service life while cost is also high.

    Therefore, If you are looking for ventilation and cooling evaporative air cooler for industrial plant ,please find XIKOO industrial air cooler .they will make a perfect plan let you into  long cool and comfortable summer.

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