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air coolerRecently, we encountered a customer to come to counseling, his question is very simple, He saw his competitor installing evaporative air cooler ventilation and cooling system in his factory and the effect is very good and energy saving and money saving.So he copied what his friend did. But the cooling effect is very bad. He had no choice and turned to us for help.

Using the same ventilation cooling system ,why the cooling effect is totally different ? This is the unique design of Star Scientific ventilation cooling system of the. Star Division general environmental air-conditioning will be undertaken ventilation cooling system design by actual visits customers. Because even the same factory to produce the same product but the specific location of the plant environment, layout, technology, production machinery, power, and so the size of the number of units is not the same. So the above customers will be a friend of ventilation cooling system mechanically is wrong.

    If your plant enterprises have high-temperature hot, air pollution and other issues are welcome to inquire XIKOO air cooler professionals. If you need a professional factory floor ventilation cooling program, without rote counterparts, as long as you consult our Star Scientific energy saving air-conditioning, there is related professionals to answer your questions. energy saving XIKOO evaporative air cooler can be tailored to customers a variety of unique no ventilation cooling program, entirely according to customer specific environment, specific equipment designed to ensure the effectiveness of the factory workshop ventilation cooling system, welcome customers to consult.

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