Evaporative air cooler enjoy high popularity in the summer

Evaporative air cooler enjoy high popularity in the summer .Not only its cheap and durability,but also its high cost efficiency. If evaporative air cooler work with air conditioner at the same time ,it can ensure that the cooling effect of the use of the environment, and maintain the state of ventilation at the same time.It is general cooling method currently used in most factories, many of the Pearl River Delta factories have adopted this cooling ventilation method with good market prospects. 

Warehouse ventilation and cooling system with evaporative air cooler and air conditioner together may  become the mainstream. General factory is the production of products where the factory so there are a lot of people, and people are more intensive, and there are a lot of machinery and equipment in the workshop will emit heat, so it is particularly important to make   ventilation and cooling system at this time .XIKOO air coolers have high quality.Not have any water fly,no water seepage and not have any water waste.The body case is durable and solid.durable. What’s more,it can spent lowest cost to achieve best ventilation and cooling effect.

Evaporative air cooler

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