With the promotion of water air cooler

Evaporative air cooler should be cleaned regularly to keep normal operation.With the promotion of water air cooler, more and more people use and trust air coolers, also because of its energy saving, environmental protection,green, health, and other advantages that the majority of the crowd favorite. They should pay attention to what when they use air cooler?  Need to maintain it? Faced with these problems ,as a consumer can you understand it?

Many people think that it is non-polluting, so the basic maintenance is not necessary. In fact, these are misconceptions. Who is as a medium, air coolerusing water evaporation cooling endothermic give this principle operates. The water in daily life can not be completely clean and free of impurities. Therefore, if it is not clean for a long time without maintenance, it is likely to device components internally generated scale thus affecting the performance, or even cause malfunction or shorten life.

Therefore, long-term use should be regularly cleaned and maintained.

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