It is unique, low-cost and convenient to use portable air cooler

air coolerMany people just think of energy saving,high efficiency and green. In fact, there is an air cooler which is more environmentally friendly, energy-efficient and low-cost. It is portable air cooler what we talk about today. Compared with wall mounted evaporative air cooler,it has better performance based on the original merits.

Compared with wall mounted evaporative air cooler, small size and full function in the air cooler.the Bottom with caster, move freely, it is more convenient. Secondly,low is more energy saving than industrial air cooler.If you buy portable air cooler,it is no need professional installation. At the same time,you can use after you receive portable air cooler.It will help you to save high installation cost. 

Due to small size,no need outdoor air cooler.It can move anywhere if you use portable air cooler. Therefore,it is more energy saving and low cost compared with wall mounted evaporative air cooler.

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