Portable air cooler with a new design

Portable air cooler break through the traditional air conditioner concept. Portable air cooler with a new design . It break through the weakness of traditional air conditioner of big volume and heavy weight as well as installation. The new portable air cooler can be put everywhere. 

Portable air cooler while maintaining the original environmental protection air conditioning on the basis of the advantages of high efficiency air coolerand energy saving, low noise, but also have no installation, can be arbitrarily placed, local cooling fast, health and safety, etc. General mobile environmental protection air conditioning cooling range is small, but the local cooling fast for cool don't need the overall environment is very practical. General portable air cooler size and general appearance of household cleaners, convenient and simple to use, also can effective not only in the use of time, but also save installation cost, reduce the cost.

XIKOO portable air cooler with good quality price good, while retaining all the benefits of the environmental protection air conditioning, becomes as easy as a fan, can according to need, follow one's inclinations.

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