Be aware of the trap of cheap eco-friendly evaporative air cooler

evaporative air coolerWith the good selling market season coming, more and more consumers to buy the eco-friendly evaporative air cooler. At this moment , the customer will have a hard decision about hoe to select a good quality product. 

Now , the eco-friendly evaporative air cooler’s price is near. But the customers need to pay more attention on the evaporative air cooler with very low cost. Because there will be a trap. 

According to the fact, the cheapest evaporative air cooler with high rate of braking.. Firstly, the inferior material of body case. Under the high temperature , the body case will be damaged. Which will cause lower down the airflow and the water get out everywhere as well as bad cooling effect. Then the machine with short working lifetime. The second one is after long time using, the base plate will be with a lot of dust, which lead to the motor burnt because of overload working. The maintenance and repair cost will be heavy for a company.  

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