The application of cooling pad air cooler

Cooling pad air cooler has become an essential farm ventilation cooling equipment in Summer.Nowadays, global warming exacerbate, specially in summer, hot weather is unbearable, also the length of daylight has been extended, four seasons have not changed obviously, when in summer, also air coolerthe animals can not afford it. With summer is coming, many farm will face the problem of high-temperature hot weather. If not solve it well, they will face issue of great interest losses. The hot weather made all kinds of animals have stress response. Make their food intake quantity reduced drastically, body weight sudden dropping, even it will cause death of the animals. 

How to solve the problem of high temperature weather in farm? Maybe you will think install ventilation and cooling equipment in the farm, but what kinds of equipment should be chosen, that is the problem. If choose traditional compressor air conditioner, it will increase the cost of the farm, the result will cause what you pay more than what you get. Actually the most suitable method is choose cooling pad air cooler. In these years, with the application of cooling pad air cooler, more and more farm adopt cooling pad air cooler for ventilation cooling equipment. Facts have proved that, cooling pad air cooler not only provide ventilation cooling effect for farm, but also energy saving, at the mean time, animals feel comfortable and cool, saving cost. Because cooling pad air cooler not only with low cost compare with traditional air conditioner, but also its operating cost only need 1/10 to 1/6 of traditional air conditioner. So in recent years, cooling pad air cooler has been the essential ventilation cooling equipment of farms in hot summer. 

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