Factory plant use cooling pad air cooler

Factory plant use cooling pad air cooler which improve improve employee productivity effectively.

With the development and promotion of cooling pad air cooler, more and more factories workshops realize that cooling pad air cooler is more air coolersuitable to them. Cooling pad air cooler compare with traditional air conditioner, we all know it has better performance. Its excellent performance, principle of operation and operating environment both decide that using cooling pad air cooler is better on human’s health. Large amount facts have proved that using cooling pad air cooler not only make the cost lower for factory, but also make workers have double efficiency. So how cooling pad air cooler do that? There is no need to close the environment when the air cooler running, exactly the opposite, cooling pad air cooler should run in ventilated environment, so some environments can not fit the requirements, still need to with a sufficient amount of ventilation fan to achieve ventilation results. This operating characteristic determines that the cooling pad air cooler make workshop with a higher oxygen content of air conditioning, so that it solves the problem of due to hot and lack of oxygen cause workers decreased attention. 

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