Energy-saving evaporative air-conditioning

Energy-saving evaporative air-conditioning

Energy-saving evaporative air-conditioning can call water air cooler,desert air cooler,evaporative air cooler and air cooler fan an so on. Its principle is to use water evaporation absorb heat to achieve the purpose of cooling. When the hot air 100 times through evaporative air cooling pad , the large amount of heat is absorbed by water vapor in order to achieve the air cooling process.

How does Energy saving evaporative air cooler work?

Evaporative air cooler relies on water evaporation to absorbs heat in the air to drop down temperature. According to "water evaporation efficiency" principle in  the natural physical phenomenon,:the hot air will be cold through high density evaporative cooling pad.The feature of evaporative cooling pad is good water absorption and ventilation performance, firm texture, good water resistance without deformation and 15 years lifetime.

A evaporative air cooler uses the basic principle of evaporative along with simple technology and electrical power to create cold airflow.First one motor pumpd water into pads of pads of a fibrous,absorbent substance similalr to hay,called cellulose.Then another motor powers a fan powers a fan that pushed air though the cooling pad,always pregnant with fresh water.When the entering air is very hot and dry,some of the water evapotates into it.Evaporation needs molecular energy,otherwise known as heat,which ends up reducing the temperature of the air and adding humidity.Finally the cold air is pushed through a duct into a central location in your house,like a hallway or living room.

Ventilation health aspects:

Comparison with traditional air conditioning, different operation modes, the traditional air-conditioning operation is to require closed doors in order to keep the indoor temperature constant, but it will let indoor air quality bad and smelly, and then people gives rise to headache, nausea and other so-called "air-conditioning disease ", the workshop will produce some harmful gases, without the necessary ventilation can cause poisoning, and energy efficient air conditioning can solve this problem, you need to open windows and doors are in operation, air is fed constantly, hot air is excluded always keep fresh natural air-conditioned environment.

On the economic aspects:

Installation costs is about 75% of the traditional air-conditioning.Running costs is about 10% of the traditional air-conditioning. This is because the environmental air conditioning in the evaporative cold working of the exchange, the free energy from the atmosphere. And the cooling effect is obvious, both energy-saving and environmentally friendly.

Environmental air cooler cooling system:

During workshop production, there is a higher heat source .Conventional air conditioning is difficult to provide sufficient cooling capacity. The centrifugal fan air cooler is to rely on a large centrifugal fan to supply air, and use air duct to delivery air to every warehouse. This approach is also useless. The reason is that the outside was hot air blowing in the environment and there is no cooling effect. Environmental air-conditioning cooling system and compared to traditional air conditioning clearly shows the huge difference (12.5% vs 100%) in the operating costs, when you have a large workshop need to cool down, the rising energy consumption will cost you high cost.

Energy-saving evaporative air-conditioning

Sort of Fresh air ventilation cooling equipment

 Do you know how many kinds of f Fresh air ventilation cooling equipment as per installation type?

1, ceiling fresh air ventilation cooling system

    Advantages: air volume, wide application; the overall effect is more perfect, beautiful, manipulation and so on.

    Inadequate: the house must go pipelines, installation is more complicated; noise, convenient filter replacement, post-maintenance For more trouble.

2, wall-mounted fresh air ventilation cooling system

    Advantages: low noise, high flexibility, space-saving, easy maintenance, easy installation, users did not worry about the effect on housing or for housing decoration and design has been delayed because the new wall-mounted wind turbine with no new lines of any convenient installation; it does not need duct layout, you only need to play two holes in the wall can be easy to get.

    Inadequate: effective area is small, each 30 square meters; intended for home or small venues, shopping malls and no way to achieve the integration of operations; at the same time, due to the need to install two sets or more sets of machines at home, compared to a pipe laying machine fresh air cooling system equipment, input costs will be higher.

3, portable air ventilation cooler

     Advantage: If you install portable air ventilation cooler, the device does not need to be slotted intuitive visible walls, and interior decor can be a good blend, look more beautiful, they do not take place more suitable for home improvement; new wind cabinet ventilation cooling system of the host device power, blast area is also large, through the rational design and installation of the pipeline, to meet the whole house air purification needs, and for a variety of area housing, such as housing, villas, commercial establishments, etc. . Tank fresh air cooling system device can achieve on their own accessibility quick replacement of filters and cleaning work, maintenance and repair to open a new direct air host surface shell on it, do not undermine the existing decoration, do not specifically looking for professional home maintenance, more do not own laborious climb up the ceiling to detect where the problem occurs.

   Shortcoming: to some extent, it will take up a housing area.

4,evaporative air cooler supply air on the ground 

Advantage: Since carbon dioxide is heavier than air, so the lower the oxygen content closer to the ground, from the energy aspects to consider, the fresh air cooling system equipment installed in the ground will get better ventilation. Get from the floor or a wall outlet or bottom outlet on the surface to send cold air on the floor spread, forming organized airflow; and the heat source is formed around the buoyancy wake heat away. Due to the low wind speed, air turbulence gentle, no large vortices, and thus the work area indoor air temperature in the horizontal direction more consistent and layered in the vertical direction, the bigger story, this phenomenon is more obvious. Heat generated by the wake-up can not only take away the heat load, the polluted air from the work area to the top of the interior, discharged from the exhaust port is located at the top. The new wind sent the bottom outlet, waste heat and pollutants in the upward movement of the driving force of buoyancy and airflow, so to blast fresh air cooling system equipment can provide good indoor air quality in the work area.

Shortcoming: generally applies to sources with the heat source-related sites, and the story is not less than 2.5m, only this time the foul air flow away easily buoyancy tail; the design cooling load of the room also has an upper limit, the present study shows If there is enough space for large air diffuser means, then, room cooling load of up to 120w / m, room cooling load is too large, displacement ventilation power consumption will significantly increase economic decline; additionally accounted blowing device , accounting for spatial contradictions more prominent.

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