Rooftop evaporative air cooler

Rooftop evaporative air coolerRooftop evaporative air cooler have many specifications and diverse models.So higher market price and wide range of applications. It is a relatively high selectivity of cooling equipment.

Sorts of Xikoo Rooftop evaporative air cooler

① axial type: for medium voltage, high flow properties;

② centrifugal: suitable for smaller airflow, higher pressure place;

③ no motor turbine exhaust fan: draught head from indoor and outdoor air pressure-driven special curved blade with the axis of rotation, thereby discharging the ideal energy-saving indoor air ventilation.x

Roof mounted evaporative air cooler installation points:

① Keep surface flat to prevent leakage and seepage of water;

② Roof mounted desert water air cooler shall be installed above the roof, and the need to well embedded anchor bolts and anchor bolts should be fitted with spring washers to prevent loosening of use;

③Outlet diameter can not be smaller, only larger, you need to install insect nets.It shall be increased the rain cap if you use up discharges  air cooler.

④ Add 5mm rubber sheet between air cooler bottom and basement to reduce vibration;

⑤ roof industrial air cooler and air duct use hose pipe to connect .(flexible material without combustion) connection length less than 200mm, the same diameter and a rooftop chiller Importers size. To ensure the hose during operation of the system does not appear distorted, should be installed with appropriate strain relief. For chillers installed on the roof of canvas hose suction side, install a little more tight, to prevent the roof sucked chiller operation, to reduce the cross-sectional dimensions of the canvas hose.

Rooftop evaporative air cooler technical guidance:

Foreword: Under normal circumstances, the roof air cooler will have higher temperature when water air cooling fan run at regular temperature, but It is within the normal range, which is due to friction between the parts of the machine itself, generate heat resulting in high body temperature, but not all over-temperature condition is normal.

hiller equipment body temperature than normal, the following main reasons:

① Voltage and power is low;

② Motor have Movement phase or wiring error;

③ Motor bearing was damage, or the gap is small, does not meet the requirements;

④System resistance is too large or the optional cooling fan motor overload caused by an irrational, because the pipe network drag coefficient is too large or pipes coefficient valve is not open.

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