Water air conditioning

Water air conditioningThe water temperature of air conditioning. 

First, the air conditioning temperature profile

The water temperature of air conditioning use the pump to  pump groundwater to air conditioning radiator and blow out cool air. the power consumption is about 125W, not only adjust room temperature even at room temperature comfortable according to demand ,  but also have beauty and energy saving function.

Second ,How does the water temperature air conditioning works ?

Water evaporative air cooler use water to transfer heat away, the general electric air conditioner use refrigerant to transfer heat away, but different media, the principles are the same, that is heat transfer. Generally air cooler use groundwater to cool temperature down, because it can save much electricity comparison with compressor. The place lack of local groundwater is not recommended. When use cooling function, water is colder and the better. When it uses regular water temperature, room temperature can not be reduced to very low, but generally it is enough.Comparison with electric air conditioner,it will save a lot of electricity.Air cooler are not allowed to install in some places, because it will consume ground water.The actual use of air conditioning temperature, not only no  heavy water gas phenomenon, but also it will take away water in the air. But now there are a lot of not perfect design air cooler in the market, finally it will affect the final results.

Third, characteristics of evaporative air cooler

1.Fast cooling: due to much water and large evaporator heat transfer area, the air cooler cooling effect is faster than air conditioner in comfortable temperature process.

2. health and comfort: strong air purification ability, much anion, to ensure indoor air fresh and cool.

3. No pollution: the refrigerant is water, no emissions, It is environmentally friendly products.

4. Energy: affordable, cost efficient, power consumption is less than 80% of the general air-conditioning.

Water air conditioningSuitable area of Xikoo air cooler

1. Entertainment: card room, game halls, theaters and so on;

2. Factory workshop: textile, rubber and plastics processing plants, the casting operation room, machining;

3. public places: bus station, train waiting room, airport terminals and so on.

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