Evaporative cooling air conditioners

Evaporative cooling air conditionersEvaporative cooling air conditioners

Introduction I. evaporative cooling air conditioner

Evaporative cooling air conditioner which works by evaporation of water to do heat transfer, is a new no compressor, no refrigerant, no brass of environmentally friendly product, it is national advocate energy-saving cooling products plant, about 80% power saving than traditional air-conditioning

Cooling principle for evaporative cooling air conditioner

It uses physical methods (water evaporation effect principle) to achieve cooling. the cooling agent is water and cooling medium is wet screens.wet curtain of water from the top of the uniform flow along a corrugated surface to wet curtain of the wet curtain from top to bottom .when evaporative air cooler run, resulting in pressure on unsaturated air flows through the porous wet wet curtain surface, the air a lot of heat into latent heat, forcing incoming air from the dry bulb temperature was lowered close to the wet bulb temperature increases air humidity, so that the dry hot air into a clean cool air, and thus play a role in cooling humidification.

Characteristics of evaporative water air cooler 

   1. Simple structure, easy installation and maintenance;

   2. Applicable to open shop, post cooling obvious;

   3. The refrigerant is water, green, non-polluting, less energy consumption, cooling rate significantly, low investment cost, small footprint;

   4. The windows and doors open ventilation and cooling, indoor air discharge of turbid indoor and outdoor air into the room, so to keep indoor air fresh and dry, comfort is also very good;

   5.5090 curtain with cover edge to prevent the entry of foreign matter; can be equipped with durable, long life submersible pump and drainage pumps.

Evaporative cooling air conditionersScope four evaporative air cooler

1. casting industry: textiles, food, glass, ceramics, electronics, chemical fiber, baking, metallurgy, metal, leather and so on;

2. The processing industry: electroplating, electronics, footwear, printing, plastics, clothing, printing, packaging, food, etc;

3. public places: markets, large entertainment center, underground parking, stations and other;

4. Species farm: greenhouse, flowers, poultry, various mushrooms, fungi cultivation, animal husbandry;

5. hospitals, waiting rooms, schools, waiting rooms, supermarkets, laundry room.

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