Workshop cooling equipment

workshop cooling equipment

Workshop cooling equipment is equipment that drop down the temperature of the workshop and to reach comfortable, nice and cool work environment.It is good for workshop workers to improve work efficiency.

The kinds of workshop cooling equipment

Cooling pad air cooler.Cooling pad air cooler mainly use negative pressure cooling principle to discharge indoor sultry air.Then cold air will through evaporative cooling pad go into indoor. when water flow wet curtain, water film will absort heat in the air and bring much heat away . air temperature will be dropped down,

How does evaporative air cooler work?

Evaporative air cooler relies on water evaporation to absorbs heat in the air to drop down temperature. According to "water evaporation efficiency" principle in  the natural physical phenomenon,:the hot air will be cold through high density evaporative cooling pad.The feature of evaporative cooling pad is good water absorption and ventilation performance, firm texture, good water resistance without deformation and 15 years lifetime.

A evaporative air cooler uses the basic principle of evaporative along with simple technology and electrical power to create cold airflow.First one motor pumpd water into pads of pads of a fibrous,absorbent substance similalr to hay,called cellulose.Then another motor powers a fan powers a fan that pushed air though the cooling pad,always pregnant with fresh water.When the entering air is very hot and dry,some of the water evapotates into it.Evaporation needs molecular energy,otherwise known as heat,which ends up reducing the temperature of the air and adding humidity.Finally the cold air is pushed through a duct into a central location in your house,like a hallway or living room.

Industrial Air Purifier specifically designed for industrial environments. Such as factories, workshops and other places. General airflow requirements is equal to 10 times of for civilian air purifiers air air volume 10 times. Can effectively remove the factory floor dust, remove the factory floor smell odors, and disinfection, remove smell, odor removal, ESP a good air purification equipment. 

Exhaust fan use air convection and negative pressure ventilation cooling principle to quickly forced indoor hot air to outside. both air conditioning or ventilation, is the best choice for modern workshop for cooling ventilation. 

Water air conditioner: It use pump to pump water in the summer through the interior of the fan-coil to get cooling. water pipe flow back underground. Winter cycling heating purposes can be achieved. 

Evaporative air coolers use water evaporation effect and physical method to cooling temperature. not only for Enterprise workshop, public, commercial and entertainment occasions bring fresh air and reduce the temperature, or is a new free compressor, refrigerant, copper-free tube-free environmentally friendly products, is the national advocate energy saving shop cooling products. Temperature conditioning: by water pump pumping groundwater circulation air conditioning radiator, fan blowing out cold air through air conditioning equipment. 

Roof fan: General run time, temperature will be a little high, It is roof exhaust ventilation and cooling equipment installed on the workshop.

workshop cooling equipment

Industrial plants cooling equipment characteristics:

Wet curtain cooling fan: It is suitable for high air quality workshop (such as electronics factory) to make the natural air cooling or post selection, but also can make humidity control for workshop and maintain air quality.

Evaporative Cooler: It is suitable for doors and windows open workshop, make the temperature distribution uniform in workshop.And running costs are relatively low, especially in the cooling effect is very obvious, also it can prevent air drying workshop, the workshop keep the air clean, clean, health.

Industrial air purifier: clean up dust and odor in workshop, relatively strong performance.

Exhaust fan: It is suitable for high temperature or smell of the workshop, the investment cost is relatively low, energy saving, long life operation, which can effectively cool the workshop.

Water air conditioner: save water, no pollution, no noise, very comfortable and healthy.It is very suitable to cool the plant , very beneficial to the work of the workers.

Water evaporation air cooler:It is suitable for open shop, post cooling effect is obvious, Drag effective exhaust stale air inside the workshop, the key is a no compressor, no refrigerant, non-polluting environmentally friendly products. Once every minute ventilation, to ensure air quality workshop.

Water temperature Air conditioning: relatively high cost, rapid cooling, not affected by the weather, no compressor, suitable for small plants.

Roof Exhaust fan: standard form and a wide range of applications.It is suitable for all kinds of plants.

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