COOLING PAD AIR COOLERCOOLING PAD air cooler consist of special fiber waviness honeycomb cooling pad,high effective energy saving motor, water circulation , float ball supply water device and the body case and other parts.


Equipment cooling water circulating pump continuous extraction of water in the tank to the water split, manifold evenly will be sent to the evaporative heat exchange, water evaporation heat exchange after immersion tube surface water film, water from the tank to evaporative heat exchange to sink, cycle continuously.


Star families and evaporative cooling ventilation unit suitable for open type and half open type environment use, can directly transport natural wind and transportation after cooling, the cool wind. Indoor fresh air after the star after filtering, cooling evaporative cooling person to continue to a large number of outdoor and indoor with odor, dust and turbid hot air from the outside as the ventilation, cooling, and increase the air content, and other effects, especially suitable for high temperature and crowded places.


With circulating pump continuously put out of the water in the tank, and through the cloth evenly spray water system on the evaporation filter layer, outdoor hot air into the evaporative cooling medium, CELDEK in evaporative cooling medium (special materials of honeycomb filter layer, let the cooling effect is more ideal, Sweden's high-tech patent products) and water in heat exchange, water evaporation heat and cool the cool and refreshing, clean air made from low noise fan pressure into indoor, make indoor to outdoor hot air, so as to achieve the aim of indoor temperature.


  (1)Super energy saving, power saving about 80% than traditional air conditioning.

  (2)Super environmental protection, no pollution emissions

  (3)Ultra low noise. Adopt nine high efficiency low noise axial flow fan blades, large air volume

   High density evaporator. Durable 5090 water bag edge protection, the service life of 5-8 years

Special waterproof grade copper motor, all weight than the big, strong stability, rust, acid corrosion prevention

  (6)Special submersible circulating water pumps, submersible pumps, mechanical fill valve drainage function comparable to wash water machine

  (7)The world's leading technology of frequency conversion controller can 12 gear speed, liquid crystal display, temperature control switch machine regularly.

  (8)Rigid PVC pipe, water distribution plate of cloth, never produce pipe shed, leaking problem, safe and reliable, the design life of 15 years.

  (9)Super thick plastic shell, design life 10 to 15 years. With pp copolymer modified engineering material, adding enhanced toughening agent and anti aging agent.

  (10)Super easy. And automatic protection function: voltage/current open phase protection, over current protection, over voltage protection, water protection, automatic cleaning function.


1、Large establishments and entertainment ,such as shopping mall ,supermarket,entertainment  hall waiting room 

2、professional designed energy saving air cooler is suitable for Commercial office and senior office buildings and other places

3、The densely populated or need quick cool places , such as dining room,garment factory, toll factory, vegetable market,conference room,gym and school.

4、Have a fever or high temperature heat source place of production equipment, such as,

Injection molding factory, printing, food processing plants, production and processing workshop, electroplating, mechanical processing plants, etc.;

5、There Is polluting gases, strong odor or dust larger place,such as the hospital waiting room, chemical factory, plastics factory, tanneries, kitchen, electronics factory, hardware factory, printing, etc.;


(1)Daily use guidelines

①Controller operation,When indoor temperature is too high, press the "cooling" button, will delay the launch a minute, this belongs to the normal phenomenon, one minute after the unit into the "cooling" running state.

②Base plate clean,Controller is equipped with the "clean" button is used to clean the bottom basin and in water, must be cleaned once a day bottom basin, in order to make sure to send out the air fresh and clean

③Water open: star of water-cooled air conditioning cold medium is water, so water should be in an open position for a long time, and requires more than 1.5 Kg per square meter of water pressure. Unit operation, such as no refrigeration effect, and then check whether the water shortage, if water scarcity, indicator, further check whether the tap off, whether the water pressure, inlet valve and pump as well as the water level sensor for damage and so on;

④"Air delivery " button: spring (high temperature) or winter (low temperature), can be directly according to the "button" air supply, directly to the fresh air into the room.

⑤Evaporator cleaning: unit operation for more than six months, need to wash a evaporator, when cleaning the water pressure cannot be too high, so as not to impact the evaporator;

⑥Shutdown: press the "stop" button

(2)Daily maintenance

①Pre-season maintenance: in the use of prior to the start of the season, check the unit and the surrounding air inlet blockage

②Before using maintenance,pay attention to the chassis cleaning, every day should be to press the "clean" button on the control panel to change water cleaning, prevent the bacteria and odor.

③System with periodic maintenance: run 1 to 2 months, the cooling pad and filter clogging or chassis is too dirty, should be timely cleaning, lest cause malfunction or affect the operation of its effect.

④End of the season and maintenance: to prevent freezing damage to the body and the mosquito breeding, stopped for a long time, after should close the tap water, press button to drain water cleaning, and cut off power supply.

⑤Unit internal cleaning: if the unit operation for a long time, in order to ensure the refrigeration effect, cleaning machine must be within 1 or 2 months at a time.

Reminder: please be modified, maintenance, loading machine, because of a certain risk, need professional staff to finish.