Portable evaporative air cooler


Portable evaporative air cooler,  it can be handled everywhere. Portable evaporative air cooler also called portable cooling pad cooler or portable cooling air cooler and etc. Portable air cooler ,adopt the new design idea, with the small shape ,high efficiency ,low noise, without installation . It can be used everywhere . The portable evaporative air cooler with plug and the controller as well as the four wheels.You can enjoy the cooling environment every moment with portable air cooler.


Portable evaporative air cooler consist of special fiber waviness honeycomb cooling pad,high effective energy saving motor, water circulation , float ball supply water device and the body case and other parts.


ortable evaporative air cooler with high efficiency ,energy saving and environment friendly .It USES a direct evaporative cooling technology. Water is the cooling medium, which  is used in the process of evaporation absorbs heat, use air dry bulb temperature reduced to close to the wet bulb temperature of air.In the summer or other hot and dry environment, Air dry wet temperature difference is bigger,so it can be low down from 5to 10 degrees. In other condition, the air cooler can delivery the fresh air and out of the foul air in order to offering the comfortable environment.

Portable air cooler characteristic

1.no compressor ,no freon, no pollution.

2;According to the need can be whole cooling or partial air supply

3.  Big air delivery ,Little vibration, low noise, high efficiency

4. Less investment, less power consumption, only 1 KWH per hour, is a traditional air conditioning of 1/8-1/6.

5. Adopted into the high evaporation in the wet curtain, can achieve lower than outside the cooling effect of 4 c to 12 degrees Celsius

6.Continuously into the fresh air, eliminate pollution hot air, the more effective to keep indoor clean,and comfortable.

Portable evaporative air cooler

Portable air cooler applicable area

1. Large establishments and entertainment ,such as shopping mall ,supermarket,entertainment  hall waiting room 

2.professional designed energy saving air cooler is suitable for Commercial office and senior office buildings and other places

3.The densely populated or need quick cool places , such as dining room,garment factory, toll factory, vegetable market,conference room,gym and school.

4.Have a fever or high temperature heat source place of production equipment, such as,

Injection molding factory, printing, food processing plants, production and processing workshop, electroplating, mechanical processing plants, etc.;

5 There Is polluting gases, strong odor or dust larger place,such as the hospital waiting room, chemical factory, plastics factory, tanneries, kitchen, electronics factory, hardware factory, printing, etc.;