Plant cooling device

Plant cooling deviceDifferent cooling method ,different cooling devices.The most widely used is the factory cooling equipment.It mainly include centrifugal turbine centrifugal motor, evaporator, water curtain, curtain. and fan blades rotating barotropic transport air-conditioning cooling, Anyway centrifugal fan and portable air cooler is most widely used. Plant cooling equipment can be divided into water evaporative air conditioners, water air cooler, fan coils, centrifugal fan, axial fan air cooler.Depend on different workshop, we can choose different cooling devices.

Features of water air cooler.

1. big airflow, small vibration, low noise, and high efficiency.

2.No compressor, no Freon and no pollution; 

3.low investment and low power consumption. Each hours only need 1 degrees electricity, and it is equal to traditional air conditioning of 1/8-1/6; 

4.High density evaporative cooling pad was adapted.Cooling effect can drop down 4 degrees Celsius to 12 degrees Celsius.

5.Constantly supply fresh air and discharge dirty hot air.It is very efficient to keep indoor clean, clear and comfortable.

6. The place can do overall cooling or part cooling.

Applicable range of air cooler:

 1, intensive population or those places that need fast cooling.Like canteen, clothing factory, toy factory, vegetable market, meeting room, school and so on.

 2, Those places that has pollution gas, strong smell or much more dust.Like hospital waiting room, chemical plant, and plastic factory, and leather factory, and kitchen, and electronic factory, hardware factory, printing factory and so on.

 3, Production places that have heated equipment or high temperature machine.Like injection factory, printing,food factory,production processing workshop,machine processing factory.

 4,Large service and entertainment places.Like supermarkets, entertainment,waiting room and so on.

 5 commercial offices and office buildings.

Six big reasons of choosing Xingke air cooler

 It is important to know how to select air cooler. wet curtain air cooler is one of cooling equipment. six big reason includes what is below,

1, Low cost and low consumption.Comparison with traditional compressor air conditioning series,air cooler  power consumption only its 1/8-1/10;

2, No compressor and no cold coal.and no pollution of environmental type products; 

3, Good cooling effect obviousl.: General can reached 5-9 ℃ around of cooling effect; 4, 100% of fresh air makes people in nature of environment , No uncomfort sense of traditional air conditioning.

5, Low noise and small vibration.To create a quiet and comfortable work environment for you.

6, Easy maintenance and installation.No need professional maintenance personnel.

Plant cooling deviceThere are a variety of air cooler models in Xingke air cooler for your choice.Portable air cooler ,wall mounted evaporative air cooler ,wall mounted industrial air coolers. Every model has different power and applicable area.we have a professional service personnel to deal with environmental protection air cooler design, production, installation, maintenance.

According to actual situation of your field,tailored for you. Customize the perfect design approach to really achieve effective ventilation for every post,down cooling inside temperature and increase inside air circulation at the same time.Greatly improve environmental comfort and employee productivity efficiency.

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