Portable air cooler

Portable air cooler

Portable air cooler uses water circulation system to absorb heat by the fan to reach the cooling effect. part of the water air cooler  also put "ice crystals" refrigerants in water tank to quickly drop down temperature. Mobile air cooler have air purification and sterilization function. Air cooler is a kind of a cool product is between fan and air conditioner.

Applicable range of Xingke Mobile air cooling fan cooler

1, Office, outdoor temporary command center, open workshops and other public places; 

2, high precision instrument room, equipment room and other places; 

3, House ,kitchen and so on. 

4, Buildings group where often moving, renting.

All in all, If the place not install air cooler in outdoor,it should need mobile air cooler. There are some main difference with ordinary air cooler.

1, From a technical point of view,  power and cooling capacity of mobile air cooler and ordinary air coolers are essentially the same. Unlike the wind cycle design, common cold air cycle machine is designed for indoor air circulation, and cooler is to reduce the air temperature in the room at the same time, and breathe in fresh air, ensure that the exchange of indoor air, will never be a "cooler". This fresh air duct design for causing the indoor temperature will not drop very low. Usually outside 36 c's case, the indoor temperature at around 28 degrees Celsius, local range up to 25 degrees Celsius. While consumers in the purchase, clearly is the biggest characteristic of the local scope of the mobile air conditioning can be cool!

Portable air cooler advantages: 

Noise of mobile air cooler is bigger than ordinary air cooler. Xingke air cooler use advanced noise reduction technology to make the operation noise to a minimum of around 50 DB.It is equivalent to 2P wind in the Cabinet. 

1, cooling effect is faster than ordinary air cooler within the local scope, for example,to prevent computers ,instruments and other equipment overheating, it can be directly transferred to air blowing front and reach the cooling effect. 

2, regardless of the outdoor unit's position, like a fan, Plug and play. For example: Office work group, simply use the hot air exhaust tube into the distance, immediately having cool space. 

3, equipped with wheels, can be moved to the desired place, more convenient and practical. For example, can find everything from rooms to kitchen. Moving cooler cannot be installed for convenience of outdoor venues provide an alternative, are the best central air conditioning added. With the development of the market, believe mobile air cooler will be more understanding and use by consumers, and can appreciate the practicality and value of mobile air cooler.

mobile air cooler

Frequently asked questions of mobile air cooler

1,Is it complex to use portable air coolers ?

 Answer: Unlike traditional mobile cooling fan,If you want to use cooling fan,it needs to be installed .But now go back, open the package and put water and turn on power ,it will start work.simpler than the fan. 

2, Air from portable air cooler is very humid here, will it have an impact on electrical appliance?

 Answer: mobile air cooler air is related with ambient temperature and humidity generally air outlet humidity at 60-70%.More far less humidity.generally rainy day indoor humidity at 90%, you can compare and think whether it has no effect on electrical appliance or not.

3, If we use mobile air cooler,do we need to close window to keep good cooling effect? Answer: We use mobile air cooler not need to close the doors and Windows. Portable cooler supply cool and fresh air indoor by deal with outdoor and discharge hot air out of the room.It is indoor and outdoor cycle to instead of a closed indoor cycle.Therefore, we can purify indoor air.

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