Best price plastic evaporative ventilation cooling air cooler XK-25S/up

1. Applicable to cool a 60~80m2 plant in humid area and a 100~200m2 plant in dry area.

2. LCD display, One speed (380V) or 12 wind speeds (220V). voltage/current open phase protection, over-current protection, over voltage protection, water shortage protection and full-automatic drainage function.

3100% copper-wire motor with heavy cast iron cabinet, starting and running smoothly.

4Completely new material PP plastic cabinet, anti aging, anti UV, never rust. 15 years lifetime.

5With high quality 5090# cooling pad (100mm),  good effect of evaporating and reducing temperature,  easy to clean, edge binding protected and durable.

6Open-type hard water pipe along with water distribution system ensures spraying water evenly and smoothly.

7Three/Four/Nine nylon fan blade, big air output, low energy consumption, low noise.

ModelAirflowVoltagePowerWind PressureN.W.Applicable AreaAir Delivery(pipeline)

Air Outlet




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