How to keep Energy-saving

How to keep Energy-saving

Energy saving air cooler cooling principle 

It produces negative pressure when the fan is running into the cavity, makes outer air get through surface of porous and wet cooling pad and forces its dry bulb temperature dropping close to the outer air wet bulb temperature. That dry bulb temperature of air cooler outlet lower than the outdoor dry bulb temperature in 7-12 ℃ (dry and heat areas can up to 15 ℃), its temperature will be greater difference with more dry and hot air, cooling effect will be more better. Because air is always introduced from the outdoor, (at this moment, it called Pressurization Systems) it can keep fresh air indoor. At the mean time, the machine use the principle of evaporative cooling, therefore it has the dual function of cooling and humidification (Relative humidity up to 75%). Using in the textile, knitting workshop and so on, it improves the cooling warming conditions, purifies air, reduces the rate of broken wires at knitting process and improves the quality of needle textile products.

1. Good water absorption and ventilation properties, the actual heat transfer area is nearly 100 times of the surface area.

2. Firm texture, water immersion without deformation.

3. Avoiding corrosion, the normal life will be more than 5 years.

4. Significant cooling effect, temperature can be lower than the outside in 4 ℃ - 10 ℃.

5. There is a good filter performance to the dust in air, filtration efficiency will be more higher if filter net will be added in addition that achieve double filter for dust.

6. The surface of media can automatically form a water film, scouring by water, automatic cleaning.

Energy saving air cooler construction principle: Inlet valve is in a normally open state, Circulating pumps continuously pump water in the tank which filtered by its filtration, After pressing action, the water which get though sprinkler evenly sprinkle on "cooling pad", when the outdoor air what through guide blades get through "cooling pad", heat and moisture exchange sufficiently with water on "cooling pad", outdoor air due to the loss of sensible heat then on humidification and cooling. Finally, the low temperature and wet air what it gets which pressured by low noise axial fan will be sent to indoor, getting on ventilation. 

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