How to maintain

How to maintain

Safe tips:

1. Do not put your hands or other objects on the air outlet of the operating machine set, and injuries may occur once touch the high speed running fan blade.

2. Do not climb onto the machine set, or place objects on it, and keep the children away from it.

3. Do not put burning appliances on the position where the machine can blow directly onto, or it may produce carbon monoxide that leads to poisoning.

4. Do not make any dismount or modification on the machine, because the incorrect dismount or modification may lead to Leakage, fire or electric failure.

5. Fill the water in the radiator from the water filling place of the machine.

6. Do not place the machine set on the place where there are inflammable and explosive gases, and it may easily cause fire if the leakage of the gas disperse around the machine set.

7. If the machine is unused for a long time, please empty the radiator, and then operate it under the air supply function for 10 minutes. Disconnect the power after drying the wet pad, because the accumulating dust may cause short circuit.

8. The machine must be reliably grounding, incorrect grounding may result in electric failure or Fire.

Cleaning tips:

Wet pads cleaning:

1. Disconnect the power, unscrew the 6 screws on the top of the shutters with a screwdriver, hold the upper part of the shutters, and pull up slightly (slightly raised up) to remove the wet pad components.

2. When cleaning, the water pressure can not be too high. Acidic or alkaline detergents are forbidden to use for cleaning the wet pad.

Radiator cleaning:

1. After power is on, press the Control Panel "clean" button, turn off the machine after 2 minutes.

2. When power on, unscrew the screws on the top of the shutters and take off the shutters.

3. Use the soft cloth or brush to clean the chassis.

4. Use wet cloth to clean the dirt on the water level sensor.

5. Use brush to clean the dirt on the pumps, drainage pumps and filters.

Outer cover cleaning:

Clean with mild cleaning agents and soft cloth (Do not use cleaning materials produce bubbles, volatile solvents or hard cleaning brush to do the cleaning. The wrong cleaning methods will result in equipment damage or accident).

Water tank cleaning:

1. Pull the power plug, screw out the screws of the upper part of grille, take off air-inlet shutter grille.

2. Manually reverse drainage ball valve.

3. Clean the batholith with a soft cloth or brush.

4. Wash the dirt on the water level control sensor with a small wet cloth.

5. Clean the dirt on the water pump and filter screen.

6. After washing, tighten up the drain plug.

Using tips:

1. Using air cooler "Auto" wash function mode every day is the best.

2. Air cooler holder should be done rust corrosion process (painting) and the memory cell should be replaced after two years. The main frame should be checked its firmness regularly every year.

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