How to install

How to install

Installation for industrial wall mounted air cooler:

1. Equipment is suitable for use in open space, if needed to be installed in a confined space, there must install the exhaust port to balance the air input and exhaust.

2. Before the installation of ecol air-conditioning brackets, the horizontal line should be well measured by the level ruler and set by the draw line. Mounting brackets must not be inclined, the machine and the wall space should be 280~330mm. (Depending on the site), the indoor controller should not be less than 1.5m away from the ground; the welding and installation of mounting brackets should be firm, the mainframe must be Horizontal installation, not inclined. The equipment is outdoor installed, so the mounting bracket must support at least 250kg mobile loading; the brackets installed over 3m from the ground should be added with guardrail; the water supply and drainage pipes must be installed in place, the water supply pipes should be kept unimpeded, the drainage pipe must be PVC pipe, rapidly connected and installed with Speed Glue.

3. When installing the air supply pipes, generally the developing air pipes should be within 30m, and reducing nipple in around every 10m, the first one should be 800*500, and the second 700*500, and the third 600*500. When the wind pipes supply the air, the Air-flow area should not be less than 1m2 or the air passage and volume must be made according to the standard design. After the air pipes get into the wall, the distance between air-flow and the ground should not be less than 2.2m (except in exceptional circumstances).

4. If there is support air pipe in the design, must install the air deflector on the branch pipe to adjust or balance the air volume and make the branch pipe air volume reach the design value.

5. The required low noise should utilize Elbow silencer technology to make sure low air noise.

6. Leakage proof measures must be taken against the air pipes. Down outlet models must have four 10mm scuppers on the bottom of the water proof elbow. When the air pipe is installed from the top of the iron roof or the building roof to the room, water roof measures must be taken on the iron roof and building roof, to avoid the rain drops flowing through the air pipe to the room.

7. When it's installed on the outside wall without window or the machine set far away from the window, the safeguard ladder (try to use the stainless steel) should be installed around the machine set, to facilitate the maintenance work for the maintainers.

8. When it's installed under the window sill, try to make sure that the glass window of the window sill is movable, so it could be open when it's needed. If the window sill is installed with bulbar mesh, try to add a movable door on the bulbar mesh as a maintenance channel.

9. Check if the water level located between seepage and inlet of water circulating pump. If water level too high or too low, it is required to adjust the inlet floating ball to a proper place. Test-run can be started, after removing dust and impurities in the water pipe, power supply normal and water drainage free of leakage.

Wall Installation diagram of up outlet model

Wall Installation diagram of side outlet model

Wall Installation diagram of down outlet model

Installation for portable air cooler:

1. Open the package, and put the machine on the flat floor.

2. Please check whether all parts are in the packing bag or not.

3. Add the clean water into the water tank, but please don't let the water over the high (H) water level.

4. Before operating,please check whether the parameters of power are same as the machine's.

5. Plug the power, press“power”button on the control panel, choose the appropriate wind speed position, that can run the air cooler.


●Don't insert or extract the plug with wet hands. It may cause the electric shock.

●When moving the machine,unplug thepower plug.

●Insert a plug into power socket, and to ensure good contact.

●Access to power, the machine is in standby state, press the control panel ”power” button, evaporative air cooler running.

●Don't put the leakage protector on the place near the water. If that protector is soaked, please clean it completely, and keep on using until make sure it is OK.

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