Outdoor Wedding Party Cooling Solution

Outdoor Wedding Party Cooling Solution

Outdoor wedding party is very popular in foreign countries, wedding tent is necessary, if open the tent, there is air circulation, but when raining, the tent need to be closed, so must have cooling equipment. Also if in summer, although the tent opened, hot air still around everywhere. Guest attend the wedding, without any cooling equipment, the hot weather will affect their mood, at the mean time, affect wedding atmosphere, everybody would like to enjoy the good time. Using effect of traditional air conditioner indoor is very good, but when put it outdoor, specially use in tents, if the tent is not close, cold air will outflow, so cooling effect will be not good, also need high power consumption. If use fan, it will not reach cooling effect, also affect the wedding aesthetics. No one would like to break the luxurious wedding environment. So whether evaporative air cooler is the best choice? The answer is right, the main reason as below:

1. The principle of evaporative air cooler is water evaporation, very good effect on cooling, also energy saving, the most important is environment protection.

2. Movable, according to the guest requirements, change position easily, reach the most comfortable condition.

3. High degree of beauty, embellishing a luxurious wedding, make guest enjoy the party.

You can find out evaporative portable air cooler is the most suitable cooling equipment for the outdoor wedding party. 

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