Can Manufacturing Factory Cooling Solution

Can Manufacturing Factory Cooling Solution

Qingyuan city can manufacturing factory workshop occupy area is 15000 square meters, height is 15m, is a modern assembly line workshop, there is not much workers in workshop, they have their own fixed position, it is steel frame structure, when the sun is shining, it produces heat and get into workshop, and combine with the heat from large - scale production equipment, temperature reach 38 degrees.

Customer’s requirements: the workers who at the position of assembly production line should be with cold wind blowing, and some equipment also with cold wind blowing, the whole workshop will be a comfortable working environment, and the air cooler can not be installed inside. 

After investigating on-the-spot by Xingke professional engineer, and discussing with customers, decide to combine with post and overall cooling solution.

The whole design solution adopt 40pcs XK-30S/Up big air flow air cooler, air flow  reaches 30000M3/H, air delivery distance by air duct reaches 50 to 60m, with remote function, there is open phase protection, water shortage protection, over voltage protection and over-current protection and so on. Install air coolers behind workshop, build maintenance platform, air duct through a reasonable design, fresh and cold air will be sent to each post, guarantee there is cold air for each post. Then install air coolers both two sides in workshop, sending air into workshop directly, this is for increasing cold air volume, guarantee the whole workshop will form positive pressure, to reach overall cooling effect. 

The project was successfully completed, acceptance of qualified, overall temperature kept in 29 to 31 degrees, reached customer’s requirements. 

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