Restaurant Firewood Room Cooling Solution

Restaurant Firewood Room Cooling Solution

LaoJia firewood room is a hot pot shop,which is using firewood for cooking, this process produces heat, when customers enjoy hot pot, there is steam and it produces heat, the house was constructed of iron sheets, although some equipment of shower and heat insulation have been added, but still not good enough for that, and feel so hot inside, the temperature reached 35-40 degree.

Customer’s requirements: Keep ventilation inside, not too hot, dropped to 28-30 degrees for the whole space.

After investigating on-the-spot by professional engineer, Xingke decided to use overall cooling solution. Use XK-18S/side flow, 4 pcs, and air flow for each one is 18000M3/H, and the air speed can be controlled according to actual state. Fresh cold air is blowing in uninterruptedly, the whole space forms a positive pressure and remove the heat and odor outside of the space, finally achieve overall cooling effect. 

After the installation, the actual temperature effect reached 29 degrees, customers are very satisfied, the actual effect is greater than the temperature measurement results.

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