Outdoor Activities Cooling Solution

Outdoor Activities Cooling Solution

A large enterprise in Singapore held outdoor communication activity, area of the tent is about 2500 square meters, there are activities both day and night, the weather is quite hot without cooling equipment.

Customer's requirements: cold air should flow around the whole area, the device cannot spray and make noise, keep low temperature and good effect.

According to customer's requirements and actual situation, Xingke decided to settle the customer's requirements with portable air coolers.

We decided to use 40 pcs XK-75SY portable air coolers for the whole activity area, air flow of this model reaches 7500M3/h, and air delivery distance reaches 8 to 10m, with very low noise, the effect of wind blowing reaches 28 degrees, with no spraying, only cold air, it can run 4 to 6 hours with full water load, add water automatically or man made are workable. Portable air coolers are installed around the tent, each air cooler can be independently controlled and with remote function. It can be used according to the number of people increased and the distribution, reaches the effect maximize of energy saving and environmental protection.

Using situation: Customers are very satisfied that fit their requirements, and also signed a long-term cooperation agreement with Xingke company.

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