Ventilation and cooling case with evaporative air coolers in Shenzhen Hewang

Hewang electricity company located on Baoan dristic,Shenzhen is the field of new energy power electronics leader.In 2014, the factory expanded factory and building area is already 20,000 square meters.Because the workshop structure is metal and roof is zinc.Work environment become very hot in summer and worse.Even they installed 35 units exhaust fans before,but it is still very hot and workers cannot work comfortably because of hot air.Therefore, the owners request us to make factory ventilation cooling design for them. As for about 10000 square meters, the programme designed to cool the post (scope of work) for First period of the ventilation and cooling design, XIKOO company adapted 30 units XK-23S/(standard type) air coolers and 11 units XK-30S/(standard type) air coolers and just spent 15 days to delivery all air coolers for owners to use. He is very satisfied with using results. the owner said original old factory will also be handed to our company to make evaporative air cooler ventilation and cooling design in second period.

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Evaporative air coolers for Shenzhen Minghua warehouse

Our engineer Mr.Peng said,if you want to make best ventilation and cooling design,you can make the following suggestion into consideration.1, good cooling equipment (minimum standards-5090 and stability control system of evaporator); 2, excellent design team (sound design), 3, excellent skilled installation team (duct turning diameter and air drainage more than 5 years of experience).The purpose of XIKOO air cooler company: spend the least money to meet customer requirements .

There are a variety of air cooler models in Xingke air cooler for your choice.Every model has different power and applicable area.

We have a professional service personnel to deal with environmental protection air cooler design, production, installation, maintenance.

According to actual situation of your field,tailored for you. Customize the perfect design approach to really achieve effective ventilation for every post,down cooling inside temperature and increase inside air circulation at the same time.Greatly improve environmental comfort and employee productivity efficiency.

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