Evaporative air coolers for Shenzhen Minghua warehouse

Shenzhen city is in the subtropical area. In the summer, if you did not install  wet-curtain fan (water air cooler) in the workshop, room temperature will be very high. Shenzhen Minghua workshop is located in the roof, so wet-curtain fan must be installed to improve the comfort of environment. The heat from sewing machines in the workshop and roof sunlight radiation make the whole workshop very hot,.Especially in summer, there's a suffocating feeling. Therefore, manufacturers want to change this situation and let employees work in a comfortable and cool environment.

The company found some evaporative air cooler fan manufacturer,but the design is not very practical.They suggest that 4 units air coolers and indoor air delivery ducts were installed,because of high mobility of the people in the workshop,overall appearance of workshop and high cost , the design is not ideal.

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Ventilation and cooling case with evaporative air coolers in Zhongshan Jihua


Xingke Mechanical Equipment CO.,LTD has our own factory which specializes in energy saving and ecofriendly air coolers, ventilation and cooling equipment.We are factory ventilation cooling experts!To make your factory building to get high effective ventilation and temperature cooling. 

(The design is as bellowed.)Company workshop is on the roof on third floor, each area is around 520 square meters of workshop.

Warehouse is not installed Xingke air cooler before, inside room temperature about 38 degrees Celsius.Thus, according to the actual situation of the company, our plan is post cooling.5 units air coolers were installed in one side of wall to supply air,3 units of exhaust fan were installed in the opposite side of wall to discharge hot air and fast indoor air circulation.

20 thousands RMB cost was save by this design and inside temperature was drop to 28degrees Celsius.The owner was very satisfied.

There are a variety of air cooler models in Xingke air cooler for your choice.Every model has different power and applicable area.

We have a professional service personnel to deal with environmental protection air cooler design, production, installation, maintenance.

According to actual situation of your field,tailored for you. Customize the perfect design approach to really achieve effective ventilation for every post,down cooling inside temperature and increase inside air circulation at the same time.Greatly improve environmental comfort and employee productivity efficiency.

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