SHUNDE POLYTECHNIC evaporative coolers Case

SHUNDE POLYTECHNIC is a cooking school.spent time in the kitchen knows, the temperature inside is very high. In view of this situation, the way we take the post air.There are installed one evaporative coolers for every smoking machine .The temperature round the air outlet is about 26~30 degrees Celsius. Really sent cool air to every post,let you feel comfortable and cool in your post.

evaporative cooler

Shenzhen Yeoke Tech swamp air coolers Case

There are a variety of air cooler models in Xingke evaporative coolers for your choice.Every model has different power and applicable area.

According to actual situation of your field,tailored for you. Customize the perfect design approach to really achieve effective ventilation for every post,down cooling inside temperature and increase inside air circulation at the same time.Greatly improve environmental comfort and employee productivity efficiency.

We have a professional service personnel to deal with evaporative coolers design, production, installation, maintenance.According to actual situation of your field,tailored for you.Your requirement is our aim,your satisfaction is our goal.

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