After Sales Service for Portable Air Cooler

After Sales Service for Portable Air Cooler


1. Completely machine: 1 year

2. Motor and fan: 2 years 

3. Cooling pads: 3 years

4. Other parts: 1 year

5. Supply Some Free Spare Parts before Shipping

Major Failure and Solution:

ProblemPossible CauseSolution
Air cooler does not start

1. The air cooler is unplugged.

2. Switch button does not work.                  

3. Lack of phase.        

4.Too low voltage.

1. Check the Power.

2. Replace the main control board.

3. Check the phase.

4. Check the voltage.

Fuse blown frequent

1. Submersible pump is broken.

2. Drainage pump is broken.

3. Fault from the motor of swing system.

1. Replace the pump.

2. Replace the pump.

3. Replace the motor of swing system.

 Water leakage

1. This machine is not in a flat place.

2. Water tank is leakage.

3. Water outlet assy is broken.

4. Water inlet assy is broken.

5. Water level is exceed.

6. Water distribute assy is broken.

7. Dirty cooling pads.

1. Keep the machine in a flat place.

2. Repair the water tank.

3. Replace the water outlet assy.

4. Replace the water inlet assy.

5. Adjust the float ball.

6. Check the water distribute assy.

7. Cleaning the pads.


1. Fan blades is damaged or out of shape.

2. Motor is abrasive.

3. There sundries block the air outlet.

1. Replace the blades.                     

2. Replace the motor.

3. Clean the blocks.

 No wind or too low wind

1. Blocking on the cooling pad or filter.

2. Control panel is damage.

3. Main control board is damage.

4. Motor is no working.

5. Lack of phase on motor.

1. Clean or replace pads or filter.

2. Replace the main control board.

3. Replace the main control board.

4. Check the phase.

 Air cooler does not cool as it should

1. Lack of water.

2. Failure on water control system.

3. Drainage pump is damaged.

4. Cooling button is no working.

5. Main control board is broken.

1. Add water.

2. Check water level sensor.

3. Replace the drainage pump.

4. Replace main control board.

5. Replace main control board.

 White precipitate in cabinet and filterMineral substance is exceed normal rate.Increase draining rate and let water soften.

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